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Begreening,             begin to be green

BEGREENING's name originated by combining two words "BEGINNING + GREEN" in the meaning of the beginning of green lifestyle. First used as a name of a group of volunteers who gathered and initiated an environmental project to help the waste problem in Pai, a sub-district of Mae Hongson province in 2011.


At that time, Begreening (also known as Green Adobe, and The Begreeners) had proposed the idea of waste separation and waste recycling to Pai Municipality and local people. With good cooperation from Pai municipality & community, the Waste Separation and Bio-waste Recycling Center was successfully established with the funding support from E-idea Thailand program.


After one year of running the campaign, many types of wastes such as glass bottles, tin can, and paper had been put to recycling track, except the styrene foam and plastic for food containers that still needed a better solution, and became our next challenge thereafter. Thus, Begreening project was initiated to solve the problem at the upstream by finding natural material packaging to use as the alternative substitution.


From a volunteer project to a social enterprise, Begreening aims to be an innovative eco-friendly social enterprise and grow up as a brand that can lead green lifestyle by providing innovative eco-friendly products as well as a role model in sustainable development to the society and our employees. 


After going through many studies and researches, our solution to reduce the use of polystyrene and plastic food containers, by offering areca leaf as an alternative biodegradable material to produce biodegradable disposable tableware which is 100% environmental friendly as to the benefits of the leaf that;

  • Unique pattern with the beautiful natural appearance like wood but light in weight which is suitable for party or special events, etc.

  • Natural waterproof surface that can hold the liquid up to 2 - 3 hours without leaking.

  • Every piece of our plates is made of naturally fallen Areca palm leaves without chemical or dye added. So, no trees were cut!                                


All areca leaves that Begreening used in production came from the naturally fallen leaves in areca farms in many regions of Thailand. Conventionally, when areca leaves fall, most Areca farmers will burn the leaves to get rid of these agricultural residues in their farms but our eco-disposable tableware idea will add the value to the leaves again; therefore, we can reduce the greenhouse gasses emission from burning as well as generate more income to the farmers who supply the leaves to us.



The achievements and support,


In 2013, Begreening project first received Banpu Champions for Change Year 3 award and lots of support from Change Fusion Institution and Incubase 2013 Program from Ashoka Thailand Foundation. 


In 2015, as one of the national finalists, Begreening received the award and the grant from Chivas the Venture Thailand.

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